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Technical Difficulties: Building a Blogging Platform, one Story, Tweet, and Pin at a Time

I am not a tech savvy person.  Quite frankly, I feel like Wilma Flintstone when it comes to staying caught up in the information age.  One might think that I’d be more like Jane Jetson. After all, I am a cyber teacher, run this blog, teach at an iPad high school, can publish online school newspapers, and live with a techie husband and two teenagers whose thumbs can text a novel before I can get my iPhone friend Siri to define “streaking” on Snap Chat (FYI – does not involve opening up a trench coat to your birthday suit).

img_0483I am trying to build my blogging platform, but I get completely overwhelmed and distracted with all the social networks. Sometimes I want to give up, unplug, and build puzzles instead (with real cardboard pieces).

I read that to get more blogging “followers” I need to tap into social media beyond my WordPress Blog.  Here is what I know, which is minimal:

I’m pretty good at  Facebook and have been a FB Friend for years. Beyond my timeline, I started a Page. I’m still learning how to boost organic traffic to my Page.  I once paid five extra dollars to get more readers and it made me feel cheap and dirty (like opening up a trench coat to my birthday suit).  I refuse to try buying social media friends ever again. *There are better ways.  

As for Twitter, I have an account but barely know how to Twit. #whatisahashtag

I made one single Youtube video but forget how to access my account, so if you want to hear me playing the harmonica you will need to click here.

Pinterest truly is “the world’s catalog of ideas.” I have an old Pinterest account that I avoided using because I didn’t want to get addicted to pinning. After opening up the Pandora’s Box of everything that could potentially interest me, I am indeed hooked.  I just spent over an hour looking up sweaters for hairless hamsters.  Yes, there are some amazingly dressed hamsters out there.  After reading an article about making these little rodents cozy, I was asked to vote to promote the adorableness. Then I created this category on Pinterest.  Click the link for: Hairless Hamsters Need Clothes.  What in the hamster hell is going on here?  

Last Saturday, I spent most of my afternoon creating an Instagram account.  I thought I could get an App for it on my Mac, but there isn’t one.  I do not yet understand what a “story” is and how to stop “loving” my own pictures.  I asked my teenager for help, several times, and she frustratingly told me she was going to delete my account if I didn’t quit asking her so many questions.  I’m not sure how to promote my blog through Instagram anyhow so that medium might have to sit on the back burner.  You know what else has to sit on the back burner? A hairless hamster without his sweater, freezing his cheeks off.   

My Very First Instagram Photo

I have so much to learn!   From tweets, streaks, and pins to widgets, links, and  posts. The technological jargon alone is mind boggling.  Luckily, I stumbled across a course called “WordPress for Writers” that started yesterday.  I paid $49 and signed up for it hoping for some extra blogging guidance.  I’ll let you know how it goes.   

While I tune in with technology, I’ll keep writing my stories and sharing with all who hop on to my horizon.  It’s a little too late to start pounding out tales on a rock tablet, so I gotta just keep moving forward.  

If you haven’t followed yet, please enter your email (via WordPress), so you don’t miss out on the part-time sunshine I hope to deliver.    

*If you are my FB Friend and you enjoy this blog could you share it with your FB Friends, and then your friends can be my friends, and we can all sing about it?  Thanks in advance for SHARING my FB Page on your Timeline:  Tales from a Part-Time Sunshine Kindly ask your friends to LIKE the Page.  If you still haven’t responded to your Invite to “Like” that page, give a thumbs up and feel the warmth.

Shine on!

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Dedicated to my Mother, an Amazing Inspiration for Storytelling


Today, on my mother’s birthday, I wish to share how influential she has been to me as a storyteller.  Ever since I was a little girl, I tuned into her talent for spinning a tale, sharing an anecdote, and captivating her listeners with heartfelt and humorous narratives.  Her stories stick with you like a favorite song you need to hear over and over again.

Her life has been blessed with a variety of experiences that she is more than willing to share with those interested. She is busy, involved, witty, and approachable, so she has a lot to talk about.  Her stories touch and include audiences of all ages, genders, and backgrounds.  Her plots grow out of the seeds of her actions, observations, and conversations which continue to dot her active, golden years.

My mother, a master of the oral storytelling tradition, is not a writer, but is a vibrant speaker.  Her knack for painting pictures with words encouraged me to use my voice as both speaker and writer; I am a high school English teacher with a  passion for storytelling.  I read, write, listen to, and tell stories, and I require my students to do the same.

I got more serious about my writing five years ago and composed a memoir of my life with my beloved father who is deceased.  Aside from writing many non-fiction pieces: personal narratives, essays, and reviews, I wrote one piece of fiction that is being published by The Wild Rose Press, Inc.

It is a novella about a a pencil sharpener, of all things, and my mother inspired my development of the protagonist and plot.  Most of the story is fiction, but it is based off of my mother and what she did on her birthday, exactly four years ago.  Here is how I recapped the situation then:

Happy birthday to my mother Mildred today! She continues to be witty, courageous, outrageous, youthful, and beautiful. She performed quite a stunt this evening when she visited her old Monaca home which she sold over three years ago!

Her mission was to ask the “new” owner if he still had the old heavy duty metal pencil sharpener that my father used to sharpen the tools of his artwork. I recently told her I regretted not dismounting that from the basement closet where it eternally hung. Tonight, she knocked on our old Washington Avenue door, reintroduced herself to John, the buyer/homeowner, and inquired about the piece of nostalgia, the sharpener I wished for my own classroom. John graciously unscrewed it from the cellar closet and gave it to her.

Wow! I’m not sentimental about “things,” but I truly can’t wait to get to polish dull pencils with that old powerhouse of a device. As a teacher, I know the value of having a strong writing tool, and although we put iPads into every student and teacher’s hands at my high school this year, I still embrace the reliable, old school pencil/paper method.

My mother continues to be as bold and beautiful on this birthday as on the few others she’s had. I’m excited and thankful that she retrieved such a mechanically symbolic tool that my father’s hands turned so often.

I’m thrilled we get to continue to exalt my mother in this world. A little touch of heaven poured into her hands full of #2 pencil shavings tonight. Each spin and point will keep my father’s Memory Eternal. Blessings and memories abound around precious birthday candles. May God grant her Many Years!


Her retrieval of this treasure is the entry point of The Pencil Sharpener.  This piece is in the final stages of edits and will be available for purchase as an eBook when complete.  This will be my first published work, and I dedicate it to my mother, an amazing inspiration for storytelling.

Happy birthday, Mother!  Have a day you dreamed of!  xoxo

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A Judging Squirrel Picture is Worth a Half-Thousand Words.

squagI have totally been misusing after-work hours today (and most others) neglecting my art, adult coloring books.  Ha!  I wish that was really the problem because I can’t get enough of those, and I have new gel pens and a bad words book.  It’s really funny to see flowing cursive curses surrounded by paisley patterns and glittery colors.


Nuts and Bolts!  Can you imagine this guy with a swearing thought bubble!  It makes me laugh.  I’m so immature sometimes.

But my true neglected art is writing.  I promise to post a new blog!  I think I can.  I know I can. Squirrel!

Oh, how I procrastinate to create!  I interrupt my free time with online shopping, puzzle building, exercise, coloring, games of Skip Bo, social networking, and so on. All of this keeps me away from my stories though.

Why do I often hide from the keyboard?  I am not a squirrel but am a mole, tunneling underground with only a few finished projects and a messy yard.  I don’t play Whac-A-Mole and instead breed more reasons to keep from my writing.

Why do this?  I truly love words and making them sing on the page. I love writing and have so much to say.  I’m not secretive.  I’m not lazy.  But I think, therefore I am the intrusion to my own creative muse.  Thoughts come and go, and so do opportunities to write with a genuine commitment.  I let them soar away like a flying squirrel.

Squirrel!  I just want to go nutty on this little gavel pounding varmint.  Who is this fuzzy judge in the picture urging me to compose something new, refreshing, and interesting?   The pressure is on to create, yet I just want to go Bill Murray-Caddy Shack-Crazy and crush him.  I will steal his food. I will plug up his hole in the tree and…

And actually I will hug him.  Yes, yes I will.  I will call him George and I will love him and pet him and squeeze him. I will pet his feather duster tail and hand feed him buttery Ritz Crackers.  I will shake his little paw in thanks for getting me off the hide-and-seek writing hook. I do not want the squirrel of judgment looking down on me.

I really must balance on my alphabet beam or I’m going to lose some letters. Oh dear!  What would happen if I even lost one of the twenty-six alphabet characters.  I once went a whole day without the letter “L” on my keyboard where I teach.   It was very hard to be Mrs. _ucas.  What the “L”?  I needed that middle of the alphabet player, so I’m not willing to lose a single one, not even Q (I get it.  He needs U to make sense, but they’re quite a beautiful couple if you query me.)

Seriously, no more distractions.

Squirrel!  I have stories to tell, and this year I’m getting it done!!!


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What is NaNoWriMo?

NaNoWriMo – November 1, 2016

Who out there knows what this is?  If you don’t are you curious?  Is it a name for a grandma?  Is it an expression from a new character on earth (similar to Mork from Ork — Nano Nano).  Is it the worst possible name to give to your brand new puppy?  How about your new kitty?  It stands for something, but if you’ve never seen it, then you might come up with all sorts of other balderdash meanings.  

NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month and it happens to last the entire month of November.  Sometimes, I mistakenly substitute “November” for “Novel,” but it’s all good as long as you string together 50,000 words in a month: 11/1-11/30.    

This activity, contest, and writing incentive stretches beyond our nation and inspires people of all origins and nationalities.  It would just be weird to call it InNoWriMo after all these years (International November Novel Writing Month).  You can write in the language you feel most comfortable.  Hell, you can use OP talk if you want, but that would be really difficult and you would not entice a very large audience (See it here:

In a Nano Nutshell, the goal is to write the rough draft of a story using 50,000 words.  That’s a decent length (understatement for this 500 a word day gal) to cover in a month.  I wonder if there is a half marathon or 10k for this race.  Phew, I might be able to pull that off more than a full event…

Ahhhh!  Look at me already giving myself the boot, like I’m ready to kick my fingertips off of this endeavor.  I’m busy though!  

Wah!  All of us are busy.  That’s why we need things like NaNoWriMo to push us.  I think I can. I know I can. I know you can. I know we can.  OK.  Let’s chug along.  It doesn’t have to be perfect (not even close).  

To get down 50,000 words would take a lot of drafting and gobbledygook from me, so I am willing to cut it in half or even half of that (I don’t do math, so who knows what the hell I just didn’t commit to). Anyhow, I am promising to write something brand new each day for at least thirty minutes. My participation will be to show up each day and add new words that hopefully make some sense and contribute to my plot/s.

I vow not to revise what I slap on the screen until NaNoWriMo is over.  Perhaps I will mine some diamonds when I go back and edit and revise.I think that is a good plan for now.  

With that said, I better wrap up this blog so that I can start building my novel.  Ahh, nuts! It’s already 10:16 pm and my bedtime is 10:01.

Maybe tomorrow…

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Forced into Submission

I am not the type of woman who readily submits.  I enjoy control of my own ideas, truths, and opinions.  If I submit and share myself with others, will I become possessed in ways I don’t want to be?  What challenges and new rules will I have to yield to? Will I lose the lifelong freedom I’ve maintained over my heart, mind, and soul?  What if I’m rejected?  What if I’m accepted?  Oh dear, it’s so much easier to just resist the process.  

These are the bizzarro thoughts I entertain when I consider taking my writing to the next level to seek publication. My writing process has been to write, recite parts of the story to anyone who will listen, revise, share a copy with a few loved ones, post it on Facebook (and now here on my blog), and/or put it into a random folder and bury it like junk mail.  What a writing graveyard I made!  R.I.P. is the final stamp on the tombs of my personal narratives, poetry, memoir, and stories.  Word ghosts haunt me.  

I often scold myself,  What a waste of paper, cyber space, time, and the alphabet!  Then with typing fingers and a hopeful change, I promise my muse, I will submit.  I think I can.  I know I can.  Squirrel!  And just like that, I get distracted and abandon the work I started.

I am a dirty little part-time sunshine when it comes to sticking with a piece of writing.  I have affairs and one-night stands with ideas; I enjoy the passion for a fresh story and hang out with it as much as I can until I get bored or stumble upon something I misconceive as better.  

You know what is better?  Running with the polished piece across the finish line to the cheers of a crowd.  I would love to be the one to add a little more cowbell to a reader’s day, to move, inspire, and entertain them with words. BUT, I have NEVER sent one piece of work to an agent, editor, or publisher.  I just quit rather than commit to entering the publishing world.  

Today, this will all change though.  I am not speaking figuratively here and literally vow to submit a short story to the editor I recently met at a writer’s conference.  I pitched to her and she expressed interest and requested the story.  

Wowza!  Whatever comes of this step, makes me thrilled to finally cross the threshold and send someone a completed piece of writing.  I loved creating this story and how it turned out.  She might too, but if not, her conversation at our pitch session inspired me enough to want to enter this unknown realm of publishing.  

I’m ready to seize and shake the writing cowbell today and wake the buried pieces of my heart, soul, and mind that have lain to rest.  

Use your talents.  You got ‘em!  Don’t wait for a rainy day… It’s gonna be a sunny one! Shine on!